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Companies in Johannesburg create their own Mobile App

App development companies in Johannesburg remain to be a core focus for many businesses. One of the main reasons for app creation is to back up core business activities and give companies a competitive advantage. Brand building via app development have countless ways to raise a company’s profile. Some companies, depending on their target demographic, may choose to […]

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App Developers in Johannesburg

Connect with The Bold Circle App Developers to get an estimate for your next App Project! Great. You have decided to develop a mobile app with a local app developer in Johannesburg. You have a great app idea and now all you need is a creative app developer in Johannesburg. Of course, there are quite a few app […]

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Mobile App Development in Cape Town

Mobile Ideation, Strategy and Consulting The Bold Circle’s Mobile App Development partner in Cape Town offers consultation services to help with mobile concepts, strategy and business model development. We understand our clients goals and objectives for their custom mobile application development, mapping out project milestones and build projects yielding high ROI’s. Mobile App Development The Bold Circle’s […]

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How Much Does an App Cost?

Customised app development in South Africa is crucial for organisations in the modern times, as it helps businesses gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the dynamic technological world we are living in today. Here are a few guidelines to determine how much an app costs. An active app works to build your organisation’s brand and […]

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Apple Watch App Design and Development in Johannesburg

Apple Watch App Design Johannesburg

A new era has began in wearable technology and The Bold Circle is excited to start your first Apple Watch project. The Bold Circle Apple Watch design and development in Johannesburg is getting ready to create a breathtaking user experience for your customers. Just like always. At The Bold Circle, you have a partner that will assist you along the entire development progress from the […]

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Game Programming in South Africa

There is something absolutely magical about game programming. The joy that you bring to the millions of users, the thrill that you get creating one, and the huge business prospect that this niche sector has, is adding to the charm of game programming, especially in South Africa. Game programming in South Africa is growing by […]

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Cross Platform Mobile App

Given the widespread range of mobile apps, operating systems, and phones working on a mind-boggling range of software and operating systems, the need for one common app has increased significantly. This is why the need for a cross platform mobile app has become so important. How does one go about choosing a cross platform mobile […]

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Boost Your Business with App Development

Mobile devices are fast becoming more popular by the day, and with millions of smartphone users around the world, your business cannot afford not to have a mobile app developed. With professional mobile app development, you can build your brand and enjoy all the benefits that come with having your own app that is targeted […]

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Becoming a Professional Game Developer in South Africa

More and more college students in Johannesburg and Cape Town are starting to think what they want to study and major in; with so many options to go with, it is often difficult to decide, but if you love technology, game development might just be the answer. Instead of just playing the newly released games, […]

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The Three Laws of User Interface Design

When it comes to user interface design, there are things on the user’s side that need to be considered. The goal of any user interface is to make it easier and more enjoyable for users to work with, so it’s important to always try and improve your customer experience. As a designer you should always […]

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