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Affordable App Development South Africa

Yes it’s that time again where your favorite App Development company in Johannesburg comes out swinging with an Affordable App Development solution for your business whether it be services or retail related, we’ll tell you more about it below;

So the problem statement – well its simple “we want to engage with our customers better from a digital perspective but an App is just not within our budget” if that sounds familiar you don’t need to fret, that is 80% + of the small retailers and services related businesses problems.

The other problem is;

“We’ve seen solutions that match our budget but the UX/UI and overall value proposition doesn’t meet the standards of quality we need from a brand perspective”

You would be forgiven for worrying no one was going to bridge the gap and build an enterprise solution that truly works and provides the value proposition required. The reality is that cheap app development in South Africa doesn’t exist. The reality is that a good, reliable and well built App does cost a substantial amount of money. The reality, fortunately, is that we are releasing all this very soon and we’d love to show you how it works so you can experience the digital rEVOLUTION all for yourself.

Without giving too much away we can tell you that it will include; UI/UX EVERYONE will love, it will be an affordable app solution throughout South Africa well below anything currently being marketed, it will include reporting, it will allow you to manage your bookings (hair salon, beauty clinics etc) and allow you to upload your products and receive orders and payments all through the App or let the customer pay in store, it gives you total control and did we mention that its going to be an affordable app solution?

We have been hard at work on this to make sure it meets the quality we’ve become well known for so bare with us for a few more weeks and sign up below so we can keep you posted on all the exciting development right from the App Development hub here in Johannesburg.

Affordable App Development in South Africa

Your App - Your Brand

Completely rebranded with your own choice of colour scheme – no reference to The Bold Circle. You also have the option to publish the app under your own app store developer account.

Fast Turnaround

Mobile Apps usually take months to develop at huge financial expense. Our affordable app solution can be deployed within 24 hours

Support & Traning

We’re behind you all the way. You get free access to priority email and telephonic support. We also offer training to help you manage your mobile content and get the most out of the product.

Enterprise App - Affordable App - Pinch me right!?


    Create a powerful user database for your business.
  • Online Catalog

    Showcase your products and brands in style! Allows for multiple images, videos and product descriptions.
  • Online Ordering

    Easy catalog to cart e-commerce functionality!
  • Booking Management

    Build your retention strategy off the backbone of this ingenius feature and allow customers to book their nails, hair and other beauty treatments instantly, online and in YOUR App.
  • App Analytics and Reporting

    We won’t have to tell you its worth it, our reporting will show you that all on its own! Track customer behavior and critical milestones.


From only R499 per month and a Once-Off SetUp Cost of R2000.

Its time to put an App on your digital road map!

Enter your email address below or send us a mail to connect@theboldcircle.com and we will keep you updated as soon as this product is available.