The Bold Circle is an app development company in South Africa and an innovator in mobile app design and development. Our team comprises many of the best app developers in Africa and we help our clients succeed through focused marketing and with mobile applications that stand out from the crowd.

We are a leading app development company in South Africa

That success is due in large part to talent, innovation and creativity but also because we work closely with our clients. Our clientele are themselves innovative enterprises and startups, and our team helps them succeed through the design and development of mobile solutions that achieve their visions and are uniquely suited to their brands.

Let our team help your business in this manner. Whether you have an idea for an amazing app or require our creativity, we can help achieve your goals. We can create new solutions that challenge the status quo in your markets or help reimagine current processes in order to optimize business performance. Our team also specializes in helping our clients acquire and retain their own clients.

App development company in South Africa

App Design and Development Services

The Bold Circle solves everyday problems through leading-edge mobile technology and we’re perfectionists when it comes to design, programming and deployment. We develop iOS and Android apps and our successes range from mobile games to mobile development for the healthcare industry. Whether for fun or function, every app we create must be fast, attractive and user-friendly. We take particular pride in bespoke solutions that take advantage of the latest app technologies and support multichannel strategies in order to help consumers experience brands in new and more powerful ways.

Communications and Data Transparency
Communication and data transparency are at the forefront of what we do. We apply mobile technology to what your business wants to achieve, but we also view it as an opportunity for what you can achieve. We relish in the possibilities, and we’ll take a collaborative approach and have a mobile-first mindset in order to help you take control of your data and do more with it than perhaps you imagined possible.

Risk Mitigation and Risk Management

Our goal is to make our business clients more productive and efficient, and an important component of that success is risk management. We implement solutions that reduce physical risk for our clients, but what we do goes far beyond that as well. One of our primary focuses is to discover areas of risk as well as wasted potential that our clients aren’t aware of, and we can provide this focus from a number of unique perspectives that may not otherwise be available to your organization.

The Agency

We love the challenge of solving problems, and we have a passion for mobile app development. If you hire our team, we’ll observe, research and study exhaustively in order to deliver the perfect solutions for your business. Whether have an app in mind, require one of our other services or just need some advice, don’t hesitate to connect with us today.

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