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Enterprise App Development

The demand for quality enterprise app development for companies in South Africa and around the world is increasing. It’s estimated the demand will outnumber an organizations’ capacity to deliver them 5-1 by 2017. While this does mean there is bound to be more competition in the app development market, it also means that finding the […]

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iOS vs Android – Which platform to develop first?

Which platform you should develop on first is a common issue for many. While widely controversial and, in many cases, situational, here are a few things we think are good to keep in mind when deciding which OS to develop for first. Demographics and Revenue iOS users tend to be younger, smarter and have a […]

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Mobile Apps Developers in Johannesburg

To find professional and local app developers in Johannesburg is not a simple task. The Bold Circle is a renowned mobile apps development company based in Johannesburg. We have the expertise in developing mobile apps for various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Our team is focused on innovation and creativity, providing user-friendly and easy to use […]

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Annual Report Design

The Bold Circle is an annual report design company in Johannesburg. Annual reports are as distinct as the stories they tell. We design and produce annual reports that clearly communicate messages and build trust and support for our clients. The most effective annual reports not only communicate business and financial performance; they reflect the company’s business strategy and progress in corporate […]

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Companies in Johannesburg create their own Mobile App

App development companies in Johannesburg remain to be a core focus for many businesses. One of the main reasons for app creation is to back up core business activities and give companies a competitive advantage. Brand building via app development have countless ways to raise a company’s profile. Some companies, depending on their target demographic, may choose to […]

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App Developers in Johannesburg

Connect with The Bold Circle App Developers to get an estimate for your next App Project! Great. You have decided to develop a mobile app with a local app developer in Johannesburg. You have a great app idea and now all you need is a creative app developer in Johannesburg. Of course, there are quite a few app […]

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Mobile App Development in Cape Town

Mobile Ideation, Strategy and Consulting The Bold Circle’s Mobile App Development partner in Cape Town offers consultation services to help with mobile concepts, strategy and business model development. We understand our clients goals and objectives for their custom mobile application development, mapping out project milestones and build projects yielding high ROI’s. Mobile App Development The Bold Circle’s […]

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Taking a Look at Big Data

Data analysis has come with many benefits. So far, massive data has helped upgrade and advance most sectors in our day today activities. Let us give you a sneak peek on a few of the important benefits. Big Data, as the term suggests, is simply a huge volume of data. These data can comprise both structured […]

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How Much Does an App Cost?

Customised app development in South Africa is crucial for organisations in the modern times, as it helps businesses gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the dynamic technological world we are living in today. Here are a few guidelines to determine how much an app costs. An active app works to build your organisation’s brand and […]

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Software Development Sandton

Software development in Sandton has become quite popular recently, especially for medium and large business owners. It offers solutions to unique problems within the organization, as well as improve the way that a company conducts business. Here are a few great benefits of custom software development.  Businesses have significantly increased their interest in software development, […]

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