Becoming a Professional Game Developer in South Africa

More and more college students in Johannesburg and Cape Town are starting to think what they want to study and major in; with so many options to go with, it is often difficult to decide, but if you love technology, game development might just be the answer. Instead of just playing the newly released games, you in fact will be creating them, through the use of game programming. You’ll also learn the benefits of professional game development for businesses and other organizations.

The first benefit that comes with game development is that you will learn many skills; most schools refer to this as a STEM program. STEM covers all of the scientific courses, such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The duration of game development degrees can run from two to four years, depending on the program and the college providing it. Other courses can include programming concepts, modeling, computer graphic systems, artificial intelligence, simulation, collaborative game design and game architecture. Additionally, you might study information technology, networking and game modification development. This is ideal if you are looking to join a team that specializes in game development in Cape Town or Johannesburg, as you will help to develop these great gaming software apps.

Additionally, a game developer in South Africa can choose to become involved in the end-to-end business process, or limit themselves to the programming and designing end. Other areas you can choose to work in during the game creation process is to become a producer, programmer, sound engineer, level designer, quality controller, or designer. Other career opportunities available to the graduates of Game Design are a quality assurance tester, C++ Programmer, User Interface Programmer, Simulation Support Engineer or a Mobile Developer. You might even be hired by popular companies and development teams.

Within the United States, an entry level game developer can expect to earn around $ 66,000 USD a year, with three years or less experience. In particular, compared to game designers, game developers make an average of R25,000 per month in South Africa. Additionally, a Java Developer, which is the language of many mobile apps and games, can earn around R37,000 per month.

An additional benefit to learning game development is that it can be learned entirely online, from anywhere 24/7, so long as your computer comes equipped with an internet connection and meet the program requirements. Also, as consumer demand grows for mobile apps, including e-commerce sites and games, the need for talented game developers will continue to grow over time.

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