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5 Tips for Great Brand Design

We all know that brand design is very important; it can have a considerable influence on a company’s overall corporate image. This is why it is extremely important to carefully plan your brand design process for your company in Johannesburg to make sure that you get the result you are after. There a few important things to remember when it comes to branding design, and they include:

  • Branding and design are inseparable. Your brand is not only your company logo. It’s the general feel or image that a customer gets when they deal with you. When more than one person has the same feeling, you have a brand; you get this feeling by using smart design techniques, making the two aspects inseparable. This is important to keep in mind.
  • You need to create an emotional connection. It is important to make sure that there is an emotional connection when dealing with your customers. A brand designer in Johannesburg needs to make this happen. Using the correct design and key elements that make your business unique, will create the desired effect that you have been looking for.
  • The designer needs to understand the essence of the brand. In order for a designer to build a great brand, they need to understand it first. This includes the values, history, and goals of a company, which need to be incorporated into the entire branding design.
  • Never attempt to overdesign. With so much emphasis being placed on design, it’s easy for some designers to overdesign. A well designed, simply design is often best. It’s not always necessary to create an extremely complicated design or brand image as it won’t necessarily be better.
  • Continually try to reinvent with design. Brands need the ability to always improve and update, in order to stay current and add value for their customers. Google is a great example; they often change their logo temporarily to celebrate an occasion or event, and people remember it.

Great brand design is crucial for a company in Johannesburg and is not simply a good logo. It’s about creating an overall feel and image that can represent the company as a whole. Working with an experienced designer is essential, as there are many aspects that will turn an ordinary design into a magnificent brand.

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