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Digital Marketing Services in Johannesburg

Grow Your Business with our Digital Marketing Services in Johannesburg Technology continues to create new devices and applications, and business owners must keep up with the latest in the world of marketing. The owners must also complete the daily tasks of operating the business, and soon it becomes obvious there are not enough hours in the […]

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Where to find a good app development company in South Africa?

Finding the right app development company in South Africa can be difficult, and having to find mobile apps developers in Johannesburg is an even harder task. There are many things to look for when finding the perfect app development company that not all places have. The quality and eventual success of your mobile app is […]

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Streaming

What happens when you combine the accessibility and power of a smartphone camera with the live stream of Twitter? The answer is mobile live streaming. Meerkat and Periscope are the two mobile apps that dominate mobile streaming. Users log in, initiate a stream and then instantly broadcast globally to other users of the app. These […]

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Annual Report Design

The Bold Circle is an annual report design company in Johannesburg. Annual reports are as distinct as the stories they tell. We design and produce annual reports that clearly communicate messages and build trust and support for our clients. The most effective annual reports not only communicate business and financial performance; they reflect the company’s business strategy and progress in corporate […]

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Companies in Johannesburg create their own Mobile App

App development companies in Johannesburg remain to be a core focus for many businesses. One of the main reasons for app creation is to back up core business activities and give companies a competitive advantage. Brand building via app development have countless ways to raise a company’s profile. Some companies, depending on their target demographic, may choose to […]

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Brand Design and Development

5 Tips for Great Brand Design We all know that brand design is very important; it can have a considerable influence on a company’s overall corporate image. This is why it is extremely important to carefully plan your brand design process for your company in Johannesburg to make sure that you get the result you […]

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Brand Design Johannesburg

What is Brand Design? Brand design refers to the process of creating a unique and distinctive identity for a person or product. But brand design is much deeper than simply designing an image or logo. The design you choose should speak to your customers and instil a sense of credibility and value. One crucial aspect […]

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