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Digital Marketing Services in Johannesburg

Grow Your Business with our Digital Marketing Services in Johannesburg Technology continues to create new devices and applications, and business owners must keep up with the latest in the world of marketing. The owners must also complete the daily tasks of operating the business, and soon it becomes obvious there are not enough hours in the […]

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How Enterprise Mobile Apps Can Drive Opportunity

The Bold Circle specializes in app development and software development solutions in Johannesburg, South Africa. Connect wit us | Development Services | About Us Enterprise mobile applications are on the path to becoming a multi-billion dollar market opportunity. Compared to earlier technologies such as cloud technology, mobile technology is more accessible, less expensive and easier […]

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Where to find a good app development company in South Africa?

Finding the right app development company in South Africa can be difficult, and having to find mobile apps developers in Johannesburg is an even harder task. There are many things to look for when finding the perfect app development company that not all places have. The quality and eventual success of your mobile app is […]

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Annual Report Design

The Bold Circle is an annual report design company in Johannesburg. Annual reports are as distinct as the stories they tell. We design and produce annual reports that clearly communicate messages and build trust and support for our clients. The most effective annual reports not only communicate business and financial performance; they reflect the company’s business strategy and progress in corporate […]

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The Three Laws of User Interface Design

When it comes to user interface design, there are things on the user’s side that need to be considered. The goal of any user interface is to make it easier and more enjoyable for users to work with, so it’s important to always try and improve your customer experience. As a designer you should always […]

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Why Take Corporate Branding Seriously

One of the great benefits of corporate branding for your business is that it allows your customers to familiarise with your brand and your overall image. This is essential if you want them to become regular, returning customers. This means that corporate identity design services should be professional and you need to work with a […]

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Why Professional Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity design refers to the brand image that a business or organisation use to communicate its corporate image, usually through the use of a logo, business card or other stationary. Enhancing a company’s corporate image is sometimes necessary, as an effective design can be very beneficial. Your company’s corporate identity is more than just […]

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