Choosing the Right Mobile Development Partner

There comes a time when a business is doing so well that it is time to find a larger market to showcase their products and services. If this sounds familiar, you need to consider developing a mobile app for your business; but in order to make this happen, you need to choose the right partner that specializes in mobile development in Johannesburg.

Here are five key elements to look for when choosing the right partner or even an agency to work with, as laid out by the CEO of Y Media Labs, Ashish Toshniwal.

The first quality Toshniwal advocates is agility. Agility as a quality that allows for a flexible mindset, a team that can adapt their processes to your business’ evolving needs. In other words, their approach to each client is not the same and does not take a cookie-cutter, one-size fits-all approach. Their practice should be to come up with solutions quickly, and harness the opportunity found in the ever-changing mobile space. The benefit of this is that your app will be fine-tuned and can then be scaled as necessary.

The next important quality is strategy. Mobile application developers must use strategic planning at the forefront of their technology and design work. They will use constant strategic brainstorming, planning and implementation, which are all critical to achieving your goal of establishing brand presence and increasing user revenue and reach.

When it comes to mobile development in Johannesburg, look for an agency that uses authentic collaboration, which requires drive, patience and active listening, because it promotes insightful brainstorming, speedy problem solving and creative thinking by building on each other’s thoughts. These agencies also make conscious effort to regularly meet with the clients and utilize their unique experiences, creativity and vision to facilitate amazing app creation.

Another area that the agency should excel at is their commitment to the user experience, focusing on more than just good graphics, but also is designed to give users a satisfying and emotional response to the app. Toshniwal states, “Admirable User Experience and User Interface designers start with the customer experience they are looking for and then work back towards the technology.”

The last key element of an app developer or agency is that they should be results-driven. This is probably the most important aspect to look for, because they will have a proven track record of successes across the range of business types, from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 companies. Carefully review the firm’s mobile products for insights to its capabilities.

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