Companies in Johannesburg create their own Mobile App

App development companies in Johannesburg remain to be a core focus for many businesses. One of the main reasons for app creation is to back up core business activities and give companies a competitive advantage.

Brand building via app development have countless ways to raise a company’s profile. Some companies, depending on their target demographic, may choose to create a mobile game app. Other apps may administer customer loyalty programmes that offer discounts for frequent shoppers. Personalised notifications of tracking is another brand-building effort that can be the connection between the brand and the customer.

When it comes to app types, productivity apps offer the greatest return on investment, followed by field service apps.

Top company app categories:

  1. Productivity apps (e.g. note taking apps and office docs)
  2. Field service apps (e.g. maintenance and parts inventory)
  3. Selling tools (e.g. sales collateral and ordering processing)
  4. HR apps (e.g. time tracking and booking)
  5. Travel (e.g. reservations & expense reporting)

If your company requires app development in Johannesburg, connect with us to discuss your project requirements.

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