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We are a proudly South African based Enterprise Software Development company, working closely with innovative enterprises and startups that play a significant part in South Africas digital environment. Enterprise Software should always be value driven, with the efficient use of IT resources. We at The Bold Circle understand the needs of enterprises and develop a plan that will allow for the proper evaluating of mobile app projects. Let us help you design and develop creative mobile solutions.

Enterprise software development to drive efficiency through mobilisation

Enterprise mobile applications are on the path to becoming a multi-billion dollar market opportunity. Compared to earlier technologies such as cloud technology, mobile technology is more accessible, less expensive and easier to use, which has made them a growing favorite of enterprises.

Of the 3 billion people working throughout the world, only 20 percent of them have access to technology for job efficiency. Therefore, there is still a vast potential for the enterprise market apps. Most of the workers not exposed to technology fall in the construction industry that spends less than 1 percent of revenues on information technology, and the manufacturing sector that uses less than 2 percent of its revenues on information technology. The biggest portion of these workers without technological exposure are in developing countries of the Middle East, Latin America, Asia-pacific and Africa. The opportunity is enormous. Enterprise market apps are slowly taking over in these regions since hard-wired solutions will require substantial investments in infrastructure that are time consuming and expensive.

Both field-based and office-based industries are going to benefit in this movement. The world is rapidly going mobile, with consumer apps exploding in every corner, aided by the high penetration rate of smartphones all over the world. The majority of households today, especially in developed regions, own smartphones. People are no longer attached to computers but to tablets and smartphones that have high capabilities almost comparable to computers. The thriving industry as per the current trends is one that will leverage on mobile solutions in its operations. An example is the Indian healthcare industry where healthcare providers and app developers have developed scores of mobile healthcare apps.

Bespoke enterprise software development in Johannesburg

The Three Pillars of successful enterprise software development

  • To succeed in enterprise mobile apps, three pillars are thus inevitable: mobile platform leverage, global orientation and mobile go-to-market expertise. To leverage the mobile platform, enterprises need to be up-to-date and capitalize on the unique developments in mobile devices. The latest features in mobile capabilities such as GPS, voice, cameras, sensors and internet speed should be employed to the advantage of the enterprise. An example is how online shopping platforms can use the GPS of a device to identify the location of a client, or how they can take screenshots for verification.
  • Mobile go-to-market expertise will enable enterprises to reach their target markets that have access to mobile apps. They will then be able to customize their offering to these customers. It is an effective way of marketing and promotion by setting out the marketing and distribution channels to be used to reach the target market. The firm can also build customer relationship management where feedback and responses are accessible real-time.
  • Global orientation, on the other hand, involves international coverage. Mobile apps give a new meaning to globalization. An app developed in France, for example, is available to individuals all over the world, and, therefore, the enterprise can quickly expand its coverage by complementing the apps with other tools to provide a grand global entrance strategy.

For the technologically conscious firm, enterprise mobile apps are the way to go. They bring with them a one-of-a-kind convenience to the business, its workforce and clients. The company won’t be left behind by the growing trends in the internet of things (IOT), secure operations, app-based marketing and beacon and location-based services. Business process outsourcing is also bound to get a significant uplift with these apps. The firms that will benefit the most are the ones that embrace the trends and the future in this era of mobility.

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