Game Programming in South Africa

There is something absolutely magical about game programming. The joy that you bring to the millions of users, the thrill that you get creating one, and the huge business prospect that this niche sector has, is adding to the charm of game programming, especially in South Africa.

Game programming in South Africa is growing by leaps and bounds. It is gradually increasing in popularity after a rather humble start in the early 1990s. After a handful of false starts and failed initiatives, game programming in SA has finally taken off on a strong foundation – essentially driven by passion and vibrant local talent.

History of Game Programming in South Africa

The credit of this perhaps goes to Travis Bulford. An enthusiast in the field of computer programming, it was his vision that laid the foundation of game programming in South Africa. The first game that was developed by him and his team was called Toxic Bunny. It won’t be wrong to say that the launch of this game in 1996 totally changed the outlook of the gaming industry in the country.

It was being viewed as a potential prospect for other enthusiasts and became a lead example that drove several other creative initiatives in the country. Talent has never been a problem for this developing sector and the passion and enthusiasm that drives the local talent pool has been extremely uplifting.

However, one basic problem that continues to plague game programming in South Africa is sufficient funding to aid future growth and development potential. Retaining talent and wooing publishers have as a result suffered as well. The idea of greener pastures and better paying jobs in other countries have been a major driver for the outward flow of creative enthusiasts from SA.

However, it would be completely wrong to paint an all gloom and doom picture for game programming in South Africa. Many small teams with amateur initiatives are moving in the right direction and new entrants in the field must understand that flexibility is a key criteria. Potential programming enthusiasts should be mentally prepared for this scenario and need to be open to the idea of working on multiple project portfolios simultaneously. It would not be wrong to say that game programming in this country is at its infancy and needs to be nurtured with care for healthy growth.

Programming enthusiasts and facilitators must look at opportunities to learn and take advantage of a broad range of technologies, formulating products that primarily focus on easy delivery and ease of use.

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