Responsive Website Design and Development

Taking a Look at Responsive Website Design

Designing a website has become more challenging than before; not only do you have to design a site for visitors around the world but you need to consider the different devices that users might use to browse the internet on. People browse the internet on their mobile phones which comes in different sizes and browser types. It is important to make sure that you design your website for all browsers and screen sizes, which is why responsive web design has become so popular.

Different Screen Sizes

One of the biggest challenges is finding a solution for your website to display on all screen sizes. Before responsive web design people had only two options, individual mobile specific sites for each device and screen size, or individual mobile apps for each major platform. This was fine initially when there weren’t as many devices available, but it soon became a major issue.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design refers to the ability to have a website work equally well on any device or platform. These websites use a fluid design and a flexible way of resizing images to rearrange and scale the layout of the site to fit perfectly on any browser type or screen size. The navigation is also rearranged to fit the best possible layout. This is perfect as your customers will now see your website the same, regardless of the device they use to get to your site.

Some websites also use “adaptive design” which changes the functionality of the site, for e.g. allowing users to swipe on touch screens. Your users will now have a better online experience than ever before, and this is what makes responsive web design such a great tool to have.

There are a few other benefits of responsive web design too, like enhanced SEO, an improved user experience, and the ability to attract more links to key pages, making it a great link building tool. It’s also easier to manage as you will only have one central point to update, instead of multiple CMS systems.

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