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It’s becoming more and more important for companies to create mobile apps. Mobile apps connect a business and customer together in a simple manner that appeals to both, and can easily launch your business to new heights. Developing mobile apps in South Africa can be troublesome to accomplish at times, but that’s where we come in.

Using our services for Salesforce app development in Johannesburg, we can help you make the app your business needs. Our Salesforce app development in Johannesburg service uses your ideas and implements them using Salesforce to bring your app to life.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California that offers the ability to create web and mobile apps using their back-end infrastructure they call Lightning. While they do offer other services, we’ll be focusing on their mobile development services in particular.

Lightning is used as the backbone to power their Salesforce App Cloud that allows both regular users and the experienced coder to create unique apps that work on smartphones, tablets, computers and even smartwatches. Their infrastructure is also secure, letting you build apps instead of worrying about managing it. They’re the power behind millions of custom apps across a huge number of industries built entirely by their customers.

How can you make apps on Salesforce?

The inexperienced can use Salesforce’s drag-and-drop tools such as their app builder and process builder. They make it easy to make the apps you want quickly in whatever way you want. Every app made is instantly mobile-compatible and you can find more apps to customize through their AppExchange, a large business app marketplace containing thousands of apps.

Developers can create customized apps using frameworks and modern languages such as PHP, Java and Python. Salesforce also allows developers to implement build packs, add-ons and micro services to take their app to the next level. The developer can focus on creating an amazing app and instead of worrying about back-end things like deployment, databases, configuration and scalability.

The apps you make are where your customer can see you. You can even integrate customer data into your apps or build apps that listen to event data such as from mobile devices and websites. This lets each customer receive a more engaging and personalized experience when using your app while improving their opinion of the app and your business.

You can use this service to automate many business processes. Ranging from Marketing to IT and even Finance, we can help accelerate your business as you take your first step into the mobile app market.

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