Using Mobile Apps for Your Business

Mobile Applications will boost your business

More and more businesses are starting to realize the benefits of using mobile apps, as they have a lot of benefits to offer. Smartphones and other devices are used to browse the internet, keep in touch with friends and colleagues, and manage their day-to-day schedules. It’s no wonder that the amount of mobile users have skyrocketed worldwide.

According to the New York Times, mobile app development has become “the most powerful media ever invented”. Google will also tell you that mobile searches have increased by 400% during the past year. This is a clear indication that mobile apps are very beneficial for business to use. It is therefore important to make sure that your business develops a mobile app for your customers.
Here are a few benefits of using mobile apps for your business:

1. Increase Your Advertising Efforts

Research has shown that promotional emails receive about a 4% read rate. This is not nearly as good as the 97% that PUSH notifications receive. Why? Because people respond to mobile marketing efforts much more than they do to email messages, as they are using their mobile devices throughout the day. You can allow your customers to phone by simply tapping a button on their phones.

2. Expand Your Customer Base

You can gain more customers and even turn them into repeating ones but sending out discount coupons, product specials and new product notifications with PUSH notifications. These notifications are very popular and hugely successful, which so this is a great way to expand your business and attract more customers. You can also add a sharing function where users can share your app and recommend it to their friends.

3. Engage with Your Customers

It’s easy to do business with someone for a second or third time. So it’s easy for them to choose to buy from you again if they have done so before; make it easy for them to reach you by providing them with your own custom built app. By having your app handy on their device, you make it easy for them to connect with you and this means repeat business. Make sure that you can connect with your customers at any time.

Mobile apps are extremely popular and this is why so many business owners work with a professional development team to provide them with their own customized app to offer to their customers. You can easily expand your customer base and increase your marketing efforts with your own mobile app.

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