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Designing a website can be tricky, and the connection that you make with your audience can be the difference between a successful website and just another company website on the internet. The needs of your audience can dramatically alter your web development strategy, especially in South Africa, given the wide variety of audiences you are catering for.

Effective web development, especially targeted for a South African audience, should be able to address the following pre-requisites:

– A web design that connects with the target audience
– A design that is easy to use and functional
– Keep a positive feel, include a surprise element.

If you are wondering how all this can enhance your web development needs, especially for a South African reader base, here is a summary:

Feel and Overall Construction of Website

One of the primary aspects of web development in South Africa is how well and in what way you are able to establish that connection with your key audience. Designing a website is not just about the external appearance, but the level of interaction that it enables. Something as small as the positioning of specific information and how easily it can be read, are all crucial points to be considered.

It is always better to mark links and tabs with a separate colour, and the font should be something that is easy to read. Keeping in mind the specific needs of your South African audience, consistency and convenience need to be the hallmark of your web development in South Africa.

Readability and Space for Emotion

Given the rich cultural diversity throughout South Africa and the strong influence of this legacy on its social structure, all web development manuals must stress on the effective usage of this, while creating specific web content. Specific fonts, shapes, icons and colours don’t just enhance the readability of a particular site but also add to the overall appeal. It also helps people to bond with the site and value the association with it.

Surprise Element

One of the key attributes of successful web development in South Africa is the underlying message that it conveys. Keeping a positive undertone helps in attracting more readers too. The introduction of a positive surprise element, like a sudden quiz or a small discussion platform, will not only help spark interest in your site, but also create a greater sense of value.


Web development in South Africa needs to follow the primary rule of making your readers smile and providing valuable information to your audience. You need to convey a cool, confident image with your company’s website and remember – add oodles of charm.

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