What are the Benefits of Mobile Apps?

In today’s world of “want it now, buy it now”, there are mobile apps everywhere. With these mobile apps you can track your health, complete e-commerce transactions, read books, download and listen to music, and even do personal banking. These apps are very beneficial for businesses too, which is why you should consider having a mobile app developed for your brand. Here are a few benefits to consider.

Improve Your Existing Products

Mobile apps act as an enhanced or add-on feature to an already existing product. Many companies are offering more ways for their customers to interact with their products and services; for example, they have provided a mobile application that allows customers to view data similar to that found on their website or a product directly connected to hardware. FitBit is a fitness tracking hardware item that tracks physical activities, including the measure of your steps. Its first generation launch would record and then once connected to the computer would upload the information to the website for analysis of their historical data. Newer generation launches of FitBit have connected the hardware through Bluetooth to the customer’s smartphones, requiring low energy and records data in real time.

Create a New Service or Product

Secondly, companies can use a mobile application as a new service or product. By creating a new market or new product to sell in their current market, businesses can base their entire business model around their mobile app. Take Uber, for instance. Uber is a service where a mobile app is absolutely crucial. Using the application, a user can request safe and reliable transportation and even select the driver they would like to drive them to the destination they entered into the app. Their credit card is charged and the driver’s is credited. It’s an easy system and it’s based entirely around an app.

A Lead Generation Tool

Thirdly, mobile apps can be used as a lead generation and marketing tool. Here companies are utilizing their mobile applications to promote better engagement and communication with fans, potential customers and current customers. An example of this technique is Empire Loan which is using their app to allow potential users to take pictures of items they are looking to sell, then send those pictures to the nearest Empire Loan store, where if they are interested in the item for resale, will contact user with a quote, and ask them to bring item to store, making the transaction more convenient for both Empire Loan and its customers.

Mobile apps can benefit your business in other ways too, including cost reduction, customer and employee satisfaction, sales performance and productivity gains, especially when using a custom made app that allows more flexibility. That is why you can benefit from having a reliable mobile application development team in South Africa that can help you develop the perfect app.

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