Why Your Business Needs Mobile Streaming

What happens when you combine the accessibility and power of a smartphone camera with the live stream of Twitter? The answer is mobile live streaming.

Meerkat and Periscope are the two mobile apps that dominate mobile streaming. Users log in, initiate a stream and then instantly broadcast globally to other users of the app. These apps are directly linked to your Twitter account and tell other Twitter users when you are streaming. Therefore, using your Twitter account, you get a powerful built-in following as a free social marketing tool. Entrepreneurs that have used these apps to their advantage have reaped excellent benefits for their businesses.

Meerkat vs. Periscope

Both streaming platforms broadcast live to all users inside them. They also allow you to search for topics and users within the apps and to comment or share your views while they are in progress. Despite similarities, they are unique from each other. Meerkat is like Snapchat. Once you finish your broadcast, you cannot re-watch the video. That is it; it is a real live streaming app. On the other hand, with Periscope you can save broadcasts for 24 hours which allows you to delay a video for those that did not catch the live stream to watch. The Periscope interface is more closely integrated to Twitter than on Meerkat, which allows you to set a stream to private. Private streams are not provided for on Meerkat.

To determine the best app to use, you need to consider your presence in social networks, how competitors use these platforms, how your audience uses the platforms, and how your audience responds to your videos on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This way, you will know the app to give you the best results.

Ways to Use Mobile Streaming For Business

1. To Share Live Events

You can make your audience feel more connected to you or your business by sharing live events with them. And with live streaming you do not share the event but also let the audience be part of it. The most important events to broadcast include news releases and product launches.

It is critical to let the audience be part of the event for the best results. Engage them accordingly by creating stories, showing different sections of the event, asking for comments and replying to them.

2. Host Interviews

People form an important part of the company as shown in the role they play in the seven Ps of the marketing matrix. Do not let your business be too promotional and forget the people. Regularly, it is good to do short interviews with clients or employees to improve engagement on your streaming apps. The interviews should not only focus on the human side of the business but also on personal opinions and ideas.

3. Show How You Make Your Product

Consumers are always curious to know how their day to day products are made. Take this chance to engage them in an interesting broadcast showing how you come up with your product or service. This way, consumers of your product become part of the brand.

4. Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

Give your audience a glimpse of what takes place behind what they do not usually have access to. You may go beyond the confines of the business location for a more interesting broadcast. This tactic is often employed by media companies to break the monotony of regular scenes.

5. Conduct Training

You may wish to take your audience through a training session of your newest product, tricks in using an existing product, or even something different from your products just to engage your audience. Most internet users are willing to learn something new every day, so take the chance to create a good relationship with your audience by training them.

6. Hosting Q & A Sessions

Q & A sessions provide a spectacular way of customer support, and it can’t be more interesting than when done through a mobile live stream. You get to interact with viewers real-time responding to the most common questions. You also improve your relationship with consumers by showing that you care for them.

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